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Ahhhh, the inaugural post of a new blog. It’s that blank page in the old “blue books” or loose leaf pages where we were supposed to write our essays in school. You know you need to do it, but your mind goes blank and you start the first sentence at least ten times in your head before actually getting started because you can’t erase when you have to write it in pen. Well here it goes …

I’m Cari and I’m a single mom in South Florida. Actually, I was a single mom for nearly my children’s entire childhood and most of my adult life. Being their mom defined me more than any job or personal pursuit I had.I’m still single and I’m still a mom, but my two children are now grown with one in college and the other having just graduated and started their career.
Time for a pat on the back then with retirement right around the corner, with days of lounging on the beach and traveling around the world, right? My life has been about being a mom for 22 years, but I’ve just started my 4th decade. As go…

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